GTA 5 Tank Cheat

GTA 5 Tank Cheat

You’re going to get in trouble with the law in GTA 5, there’s really no way around it. Even if you’re a perfect citizen outside of missions, the main story missions will put you in situations where you’re in opposition to the police and military forces of Los Santos. You can fight them off with your guns and standard explosives, but what’s wrong with dreaming a little bigger? Next time you’re up against seemingly impossible odds, pop in the GTA 5 tank cheat. If you’re wondering what the GTA 5 tank cheat does, there’s no trick here. It spawns a military tank in front of you that you can operate and use to steamroll anything and anybody that stands in your way. Oh, and the cannon is also fully functional. Boom.

You can use the GTA 5 cheats PS4 tank at just about any point in your game, as long as you’re above ground or at least in an area with enough space to accommodate a tank. The tank in this game is much wider than a standard car, so you’ll need to consider that before you will it into existence or else you’ll end up with a tool of destruction that gets stuck before it can do any damage. The GTA 5 tank cheat codes can help you in a lot of ways, but they can’t help your tank get unstuck from between two buildings. The GTA 5 tank cheat code PS3 can, however, make you an unstoppable killing machine if used correctly.

The vehicle you get with the GTA 5 tank cheats PS3 is damn near indestructible. Regular gunfire will just ricochet off of the hull and be completely useless in stopping you. Even if you take the tank on the road and try to get away from cops, it will just roll over the spike strips they throw out and be completely unharmed. For this reason, the tank cheat GTA 5 is also useful for getting through areas without taking any damage at all, which can be useful in and out of story missions. Just input the GTA 5 PS3 tank cheat, go to the location where the police and military have created an armed barricade and roll through it. You will need to be careful if there are rocket launchers or grenades in use, however, as those can damage the tank very quickly.

Once the tank gets on a roll, it can’t be stopped, just like a rhino in full charge. That’s why the rhino tank cheat GTA 5 Xbox 360 spawns a tank called the Rhino! Every time you use the GTA 5 tank cheat code Xbox 360, this is the vehicle you will get, as there is only one operable tank in the game.

We hope that this information about the GTA5 tank cheat was helpful for players looking for the tank cheats for GTA 5. There are plenty of ways that the tank cheats for GTA 5 Xbox 360 can be useful, and you can use your imagination to find even more ways! We hope that you enjoy the tank cheat for GTA 5 Xbox 360.

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