GTA 5 Cheats Xbox 360 Phone

GTA 5 Cheats Xbox 360 Phone

GTA 5 was released almost ten years ago. Let that sink in. millions of players all over the world are still going back to the nearly ancient game, even in the face of newer, more advanced video game releases. Whether it’s because of the overall quality of the game or the chokehold that the GTA series has on the video game series in general, it’s a very impressive feat.

And while GTA 5 has been ported to a number of different consoles, it still runs and is supported on its original platforms, including the Xbox 360. As such, you can use GTA 5 cheats Xbox 360 phone to squeeze a little extra fun out of the game, get through a particularly hard part of the campaign, or just mess around with. GTA 5 cheats Xbox 360 phone can, of course, be found just about anywhere on the internet, but they are scattered about and there hasn’t really been a one-stop shop for all of your GTA 5 cheats Xbox 360 phone needs. Until now.

Confirmed Cell Phone Cheats for GTA 5 Xbox 360

Cheat / Effect Phone Number
Random Explosion/Phone Model Change 1-999-367-3767
Flaming Bullets 1-999-462-363-4279 (INCENDIARY)
Explosive Bullets 1-999-444-439 (HIGHEX)
Explosive Melee Attack 1-999-4684-2637 (HOTHANDS)
Give Parachute 1-999-759-3483 (SKY-DIVE)
Moon Gravity 1-999-356-2837 (FLOATER)
Drunk Mode 1-999-547-861 (LIQUOR)
Recharge Ability 1-999-769-3787 (POWER-UP)
Slow Motion
(Enter 3 times for full effect)
1-999-756-966 (SLOW-MO)
Skyfall (Launches you into the sky) 1-999-759-3255 (SKY-FALL)
Spawn BMX 1-999-226-348 (BANDIT)
Spawn Comet 1-999-266-38 (COMET)
Spawn PCJ-600 Motorcycle 1-999-762-538 (ROCKET)
Spawn Sanchez Dirt Bike 1-999-633-7623 (OFF-ROAD)
Spawn Rapid GT 1-999-727-4348 (RAPID-GT)
Spawn Limo 1-999-846-39663 (VINEWOOD)
Spawn Trashmaster 1-999-872-433 (TRASHED)
Spawn Buzzard Attack Helicopter 1-999-289-9633 (BUZZ-OFF)
Spawn Duke O’Death 1-999-3328-4227 (DEATHCAR)
Spawn Kraken Sub 1-999-282-2537 (BUBBLES)
Spawn Dodo 1-999-398-4628 (EXTINCT)
Spawn Stunt Plane 1-999-2276-78676 (BARN STORM)
Slow Motion Aiming (Enter 3 times for full effect) 1-999-332-3393 (DEAD-EYE)
Invincibility 1-999-724-654-5537 (PAIN-KILLER)
Slow Down Gameplay 1-999-7569-66 (SLOW-MO)
Max Health & Armor 1-999-887-853 (TURTLE)
Fast Run 1-999-228-8463 (CATCH ME)
Raise Wanted Level
Lower Wanted Level
1-999-3844-8483 (FUGITIVE)
1-999-5299-3787 (LAWYERUP)
Change Weather 1-999-625-348-7246 (MAKE IT RAIN)
Slippery Cars (Drifting) 1-999-766-9329 (SNOWDAY)

If you’re tired of hunting down GTA 5 cell phone cheat codes Xbox 360, then you aren’t alone. We went through a similar process where we got fed up searching for everything we needed in different places. That’s why we went ahead and put the GTA 5 cell phone cheat codes Xbox 360 along with every other cheat code in the game in one place, where it is easily accessible. Our list has every GTA 5 cheat you could need, including the GTA 5 cell phone cheat codes Xbox 360.

There’s no need to thank us, we did this for ourselves as well as all GTA 5 gamers who want GTA 5 cheats Xbox 360 phone codes. We didn’t want anyone else to have to spend the time that we did finding GTA 5 cheats Xbox 360 phone codes that we did, which led us on a quest for the ultimate GTA 5 cheat code source. Our list has everything, so while you’re making a note of GTA 5 cheats Xbox 360 phone codes, make sure you get the ones that you think will help you in your own game. Or, you can just print out the entire list for quick reference!

Once you have the cell phone cheats for GTA 5 Xbox 360 that you plan to use, you can type them into any character’s cell phone and activate them in your game. The process is the same for any cell phone cheats for GTA 5 Xbox 360 that you selected, so don’t sweat trying to find another way to get your cheat codes up and running. It’s all the same.

We hope the information in this article was helpful to any GTA 5 gamers who are looking to get the most out of their game. Squeezing more fun out of a game that is almost a decade old isn’t easy but with Grand Theft Auto 5 cheats Xbox 360 phone numbers, it is a little bit easier.

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